Building personal health through individualized design

Designing whole health foundations while addressing dysfunction, disability, and pain to reach your health goals

Prioritized time with clients

Exploration through discussion, labs, and other methods

Treatment that begins where you are

At River City Functional Medicine, my goal is to help you find your best health. Through our visits, you will explore the landscape of your health, focusing on five interconnected body zones. My approach differs from a more traditional Western medicine approach by minimizing unnecessary intervention or prescriptions, while maximizing time with the provider and exploring your unique health prospective. As we walk together on your journey, I am look forward to seeing what we can do to improve your well being. 

~Dr. Tim Hudson

What is a Micro Medical Practice? 

A Micro Medical Practice (MMP) one that is small and focused. Unlike a primary care practice, River City Functional Medicine focuses on a small number of patients providing rehabilitation and functional medicine consultations to help with personalized improvements.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an approach to medicine using an understanding of the body that promotes getting to the bottom of symptoms, signs, and other physical concerns beyond what the traditional style of medicine uses. It often involves exploring your body deeper through interviews, labs, and other tests. The treatment plans tend to be more natural or integrative in nature.

Is this a primary care practice?

Dr. Hudson is not a primary care practitioner. His specialties are in physical medicine, rehabilitation medicine, neuromuscular medicine, and functional medicine. Having years of treating chronic pain, neurologic and physical dysfunction, he has used integrative approaches to treat many of the chronic conditions connected with many of our toughest symptoms. If you are unsure if he can treat your symptoms, contact the practice to schedule a free 15-minute initial screening.

Examples of conditions he works with: